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Agh!!!!! This is me preforming Sense, Sensiblity - Andrew Jackson Jihad

I really fuckin love this song and it was the first song that i learned on guitar by these dudes, plus its the song that made me fall completely in love with the group so yeah i decided to record myself doing this homies.

Oh and it wouldnt let me upload it to my main blog so i had to resort to my post limit but w/e dudes.



why isnt it AFO yet.


#wow #woah #africa 

Hey what’s this uprising about Daniel Tosh


What’d he do? I keep seeing everyone rant and rave about him

I haven’t seen any news so I’m kinda in the dark and wanna know l-lol

I know he had that Tosh.0 show for a while and probably still does

did he say something bad or

He was doing a show at some comedy club and he was making a bunch of rape jokes and he was saying how rape jokes are always funny so some girl told him that rape jokes aren’t funny and he said something along the lines of “Hey wouldn’t it be funny if like 5 guys just raped her? they just came in here and raped her, wouldn’t that be funny?” and ugh he’s just a piece of shit 

Get nosy. I dare you.
1: Name?
2: Current crush!?
3: Addiction?
4: How tall am I?
5: Relationship status?
6: Girls I trust?
7: Boys I trust?
9: Current mood?
10: When was the last time I did something for the 1st time?
11: Confession;
12: Who I miss?
13: Who I last hugged?
14: Who understands me?
15: Someone who is always there for me:
16: Last Text?
17: Who’s a stranger:
18: Who makes me laugh the most?
19: Who I do the craziest stuff with?
20: Who makes me smile?
21: What am i listening to?
22: Turn on’s?
23: Turn offs?
24: Bestfriends?
26: Second confess?
27: What I hate?
28: Who’s annoying?
29: Favorite Sex position?
30: Last person to give you butterflies?


Half-Life lego


i dont really have an explanation for this i just want davesprites


maybe one day i’ll be as cool and talented as my friends